Viaggio Fund

Woot! You’ve made all the way to the Viaggio Fund Page which most likely means that you’re interested in lending a helping hand. Any money raised through this site will put me in a position to do a few things:

  1. Keep the travel dream alive. Though I travel on a shoestring budget, having a little more money allows me to keep sharing stories and new experiences from around the world with you.
  2. Keep this site up and running. It takes some time and hard work to keep this site alive!
  3. And most importantly, secure my release, in the event that I am ever taken hostage, arrested, or suddenly destitute in a foreign country.

You can help out by using some of the links for some online retailers below. I earn a small commission when you visit these sites using these links. You aren’t charged anything extra, but a little money comes my way.

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